Opening Spring 2020


So, you know how people struggle with technology?

Well we’re creating a centre at the heart of the community where we build and fix and you play and learn.

That’s all well and good, but what does that mean to you?!
We all have technology in our lives, unless you live in a cave, even then…. You use technology. I know this because you are reading this on a screen.

We created IT Central originally back in 2015, to support people and their technology, whilst respecting and protecting the things that are before them. IT Central technicians are taken on as apprentices and trained to our exacting standards. 99% of repairs are carried out on site and we keep customers in the loop every step of the way.

The Amazing Technology Centre contains so much more, turning an old, unloved building back into a space open to all.

The Tech Club

  • After-School Club

  • Holiday Clubs

  • Birthday Parties

  • Kids Workshops

Noodle Bar

VR Studio

  • the only one of its kind in North Scotland.

Schools Visits

  • immersive and experiential - bringing it alive.

Training Centre

  • Workshops, Leisure Courses and Qualifications

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