The IT Central Team

We couldn’t do what we do without this fantastic (if not slightly nutty) team.

Lee and Arlo, hard at work!

Lee and Arlo, hard at work!

Lee – Owner and Managing Director

Lee is the driving force behind IT Central as the company MD.

Her favourite tv show growing up was the A Team, although she doesn’t have live tv anymore, and her favourite toy was lego – so never a girly girl. She would say that her greatest achievement is raising three children whilst retaining her sanity – those closest to her would maybe dispute the last part! Especially considering that one of her children once gave her the compliment (?) that she’s not as fat as she used to be – gee thanks! She would cite her unusual thought processes as her strangest talent (although she does do a passable Pinocchio voice), those closest to her said that everything she does is weird!!!

Lee’s oldest pair of shoes are technically 45 as she recently inherited her pram shoes from being a baby. However, tastes change, and you can now normally find her sporting a set of Doc Martens. She’s always up for a coffee and would thank you for a caramel biscuit to go with it. These days she’s a competent cook who often keeps the workforce happy with bacon rolls, however she once cooked a pasta dish (as a student) which set so solid you could turn the plate upside down!

If she was to describe her job to a child, she would say that she is the one in the office who does all the boring stuff, although her 10 year old son says that she works for a cool tech company which sounds so much better!

erm…. Brandon

erm…. Brandon

Brandon – Business Development Manager

Brandon loved Sonic the Hedgehog when he was growing up. We would say that there are still days when he models the Sonic hairdo, although this might not be intended! He loved his hot wheels cars, has translated into a love of full-size cars, with ambitions to own either a Mk3 Capri or an Opel Manta GTE – tastes that belie his tender years!

Given a choice of superpower Brandon would like to fly, so as to never be stuck in traffic or have to wait at an airport. Brandon would title his biography – Inside Out And Upside Down, and use the film title ‘Fast and Furious’ to describe his life.

His greatest achievement is his beautiful daughter, Isla, who was born in October 2018.

His love of Maryland Chocolate Chip Cookies is the stuff of myth and legend, with an ability to clear a couple of packs with a cup of tea. He also has the amazing talent of being able to eat 50 chocolate bars in the day without feeling unwell or gaining weight (I know, unfair!!!) Although considering he once managed to cook the underside of the pizza but not the top, this may be the safest option.


Arlo – the small furry one

Arlo is IT Central’s resident pooch. He travels in everyday with Lee (the boss) and can normally be found under the desk or scooching food if there’s any possibility of a crumb. Originally a street dog from Spain, Arlo arrived into our cooler climate in April 2017. Arlo hadn’t been used to playing and so took a while to understand how to play and what toys are for. He’s made up for that now with a plethora of toys to trip people up with, his favourite being a small blue chewy thing. If we had to give him a reference, we would have to say that he’s sweet, loyal and kind.

Arlo doesn’t necessarily like the same things as other dogs. He doesn’t like regular dog treats and biscuits; however, he will mug you for a donut!!! If Arlo was to have a biography written about him it would likely be titled – “I Could Eat!” His main job within IT Central is to look cute, and we think he does it expertly. He often greets customers in the shop and has been told on more than one occasion that he is too pretty to be a boy! He does bear a remarkable resemblance to Dug in the film “Up” but would describe his life more as “The Secret Life of Pets”.

One thing he has difficulties with is laminate flooring – there are occasions where his feet move quicker than the rest of him! However, his greatest achievement is his ability to sleep – anywhere – in any direction – even upside down! It’s a strange talent he has, to be able to sleep upside down with his front legs up in the air! His ability to sleep could be his superpower. He is not a graceful canine (looks can be deceiving) and does fall off the bed – awake or asleep and has been known to misjudge distance and faceplant the settee on more than one occasion.


Wayne – Apprentice Technician

Wayne has a deadpan sense of humour and comedic timing that is really something to behold as you can tell when he describes his strangest talent as having the ability to eat celery without making a face! If he ever published his autobiography it would be called “Are you really going to read this?” which may not be the best sales tactic.

 A confirmed gamer since childhood – starting off with a Super Nintendo and Sega Megadrive, his tastes have moved on a little – although he still loves his retro gaming.

As a child his favourite tv show was ‘The Trap Door’, and his favourite biscuit is a Hobnob.

He is still looking to the future for his greatest achievement as he is not sure it’s happened yet – we’ll let you know when it does! His oldest pair of shoes are from a 2003 prom – which makes them nearly as old as some of the staff, which is quite an achievement – or perhaps it will be when Wayne achieves his dream of visiting Japan.


grant - apprentice administrator

grant has helped us out with some administration and janitorial tasks associated with being a business and a shop. Well someone must look after the boys! he is now on board as a fully fledged apprentice administrator, learning the ropes of pretty much everything!!!

We’re not saying grant is clumsy, but he has admitted to falling out of bed twice, and missing the bed completely, all in the same night!

To give you a clue to his age, his favourite tv programme when growing up was Scooby Doo, and he loved to play with Matchbox cars, Tonka toys, Lego and stickle bricks (it’s the last one that we think gives the biggest clue!)

As an ex-military man, he still owns a pair of boots that have given good service at a mere 25 years old (which is older than half of the staff here!) He would love to swim with great white sharks, but is insistent on being in a cage, although when asked about a superpower of choice he would like to disappear at will, which could come in handy if ever faced by a great white shark! If he had to describe his life as a film title he would choose “A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Forum”

Absolutely fuelled by coffee, he is partial to a chocolate bourbon, but then again – someone must be! We’re not sure that we would ever eat anything he made as he describes his biggest screw up in the kitchen as walking into it, maybe not then!


Alex – apprentice technician

Alex is our self-proclaimed resident ginger, who sees the funny side of pretty much every situation. He would call his biography “The Life Of The Real Ron Weasley”, but would describe his life in films as “Ab Fab”. A childhood favourite was Tom and Jerry (and probably still is!) so we can see where he gets his madcap sense of humour from, although his favourite toy was Action Man, so maybe not. Given a superpower, Alex would choose to be invisible so he could play his games in peace, but also so he could shout ‘boo’ at random strangers! Much of his humour stems from being ginger – with a life spent being insulted he decided to join them rather than be beaten by them!

Alex does also have his serious side with a curiosity for other cultures. Given the opportunity he would love to go to Japan for a couple of months to experience the culture for a while.

His greatest achievement so far is getting engaged and setting up house together with his fiancée. Alex lives closest to the shop (as in on the same street!!!) but has been known to be last one in. He describes his strangest talent as ‘being too fabulous’ (said with a twinkle in his eye).

We find food to be an important topic to Alex who would describe all biscuits as his favourite biscuits, although we’re not sure that we would trust him in the kitchen as he once set fire to a towel and thought it was a good idea to throw it out of a top floor window!


George – Graphic Designer

George from The Barton Brand is responsible for all our graphics work. Building The Barton Brand is his greatest achievement to date, and we’re pleased to have been part of that journey so far. He would explain his job to a child as making logo’s for people, but we know it’s so much more than that. His life as a film would be “Pixels”.

Now we know that George has a sense of humour when he told us about the time, he leaned on something that wasn’t there – of course, that’s never happened to us! His autobiography would be called “Well… that was weird!!!” George is also talented as he can solve a rubik’s cube in under 90 seconds. But beware if he’s over for a coffee, when asked what his favourite biscuit is, he said all of them – in capitals – your biscuits may be at risk! Having said that, he has tried to put the kettle in the fridge before so be warned.

As a child he enjoyed “Wacky Races”, playing with Lego and KNex, so creative from an early age. He’d love to skydive, and would choose flying as a superpower, so he has a thing for being up in the air?

We are looking forward to creating together in the near future.